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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beach Resort

As we know above, each bali garden beach resort comes with specific and unique specification, feature, and character. Based on the statement, it is suggested for you to find out some resorts available and the offers. Learning before visiting, this is the only way it works, as you have a right to get the best service in your holiday. At first, you should learn about the condition of the beach and wave more. West Bali, for instance, provides you a big wave and a line of shore reef so it is mostly preferable for sunbathing while your kids are playing on the white sands. And, you should not be a fool which comes to the beach in a rainy season.

It seems looking for weather forecasting on the local newspapers or websites is more than necessary, as this tropical place runs four-seasons one year. If you want to enjoy cold day, bali garden beach resort is not really enjoyable then. Otherwise, for a full-of-shine holiday, this is your option. And, do not forget about what the famous of this “sunny and sandy paradise”: sunset. West side has a beautiful sunset so why do not you come the one of a long list of West bali garden beach resort? Now, let us learn about the beach, let us grab the best beach resort at the last.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

what will happen in 2012?

2012 end of the world? no one can tell, it was predicted.
A prediction is based on research, a phenomenon that occurs around the year 2011 - 2012 was the storm the sun.

According to the calculations, the billions of particles of electrons from the sun is going down to Earth in a layer of the ionosphere is not a long time. According to predictions about four days.
But, whether the year 2012 will actually happen Resurrection? please answer yourself.....


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smile for Everything

I think every bodies knows, what is the easy way to do...
Yes smile is easy to do, but it is a big impact for everything. With smile we can make some one happy, and off course it's make us happy too.

But some time we forget to give our smile. Whatever it's easy to do. Do you has given smile to some body to day? don't forget to give your smile.... :) :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Learn English Using Google

I think every body has know that google have a nice service (i think its a nice and good tool) for learning english. Although we have a dictionary, hard cover or software installed in computer, some time we need google to help us to translate a word from a language to another language.

We can use this service using and we can setting up to translate from and to language. One most important, we can suggest or edit the word. With this facilities i think this translate will grow up and give us a benefit.

Keep learn english, don't confuse with this article, this article is only for learn english, learn to write in english.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Learn English by Watching the TV

What the benefit when we watching the TV channel? Beside for entertainment, we can learn english too. Basically the program has a translation text in the bottom. Don't read this text, but hear the conversation. If we don't know what they say, we can read it and try to remember what they are say.

Maybe its hard to us, but if we often do it, it can make easy to increase our conversation. Let's we learn english as soon as possible with everything we have....


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Traffic Jam

Are you know what is a traffic jam? :-) of course i believe we are know what is a traffic jam. Some thing that make me bored, i don't know what will do, just sitting in the car and wait until everything ok. Maybe it's a bored time, but one thing that can do is waiting until it over.

Listen a music or watching TV in the car maybe is one solution. Or give a smile for this situation is a good solution.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Learn English Software

There are several english software in the internet. We can easy find theme using search engine like google or yahoo. This is a great tool, easy for use for find anything. We can easy to find many type of software.

Freeware is a software that we can use it without pay anything. It's totally free for use. Shareware is like freeware but it has a limitation. This is for evaluation purpose. Software is not a free to use. We must buy it before we can use it.

There are many benefit with using tools for learn english. We can learn it more easy. But don't worry when we don't have it, because without it, we can learn every time every where, like in my previous post.

Come to me, join with me to increase our english language, but first of all, don't worry to make a mistake. Like this post, i has make much of mistake, but i still confident to write article for this blog. As much as we made it will make us more powerful and make a better english.

This post is for educational purpose only for increase my english skill, so maybe you confused with my grammar :-) i'm sorry...

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