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Friday, March 6, 2009

How To Learn English

How to learn english is a one question that most people ask, me too. English as a foreign language some time is very difficult to learn. It's not my first language. But i believe, by learn and learn we will can used it.

I know maybe you are very confused with this articles, because i just learn it and our grammar is very bad. But one thing i believe, some time i can more better. Blog is good tool to learn english. With often make an articles, it will increase our skills. Don't worry to make a mistake. But we must make an articles more and more.

Beside make an articles, we often make "blog walking" and off course read other blogs article. It can make increase our skills too. Reading, make an articles, reading, listening vocabulary etc is a better way to learn english.

Good luck, i hope i can make a better articles in future.



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