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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Koi Carp

For who interest with pets, and have a pond, take a koi fish in the pond is a good alternative. Like me, although my pond is not big, but it enough for several koi fish. I don't understand what type of the koi. But with refer this article "Maruten Kohaku" i believe that fish in my pond are maruten type.

I believe it because at 11/06 archive of this blog also describe this type. I love koi very much, but i don't have enough time to take care with theme. My wife always take a care, keeping the water quality, feeding the fish, give a nutrition etc. Some time when it's holiday, i give theme food, looking theme swiming in the water.

Looking beautiful koi make me feel good. Give theme food from my hand. Because koi is a tame fish. Are you interest to take your pond with koi fish?



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