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Monday, March 16, 2009

Learn English By Practice

Practice is the best way to increase our skill to learn english language. Not important what do you write or what do you say. Don't worry to make a mistake. Because when we worry about the mistake, we will stop the practice and never start again. Don't worry, take a practices.

I'm sorry with my articles in this blog, i understand, you will confused when reading my articles. But i know you will understand with it, because its parts of my practices. My goal is make article every day, with different topic. With this i have two opportunity.

1. I can practice to write in english.
2. I can take an idea from my mind in the english articles.
3. I can make a resume for several articles and write it appropriate with my understood.

Don't quest a quality, but the interesting is quantity. After quantity and usual make an english journal or paragraph, it will increase the quality. I believe it.



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