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Monday, April 6, 2009

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very interesting for eye. Maybe it's very interesting too for several purpose, but that i know it is to my eye. My eye is feel tired and when i see some thing i feel it's no clear. So i decided to buy some tablets of it. To nigh i eat it, and i feel so good. Hope it can make me see clearly.

Actually there are several natural vitamin A source, like Carrot, it sound like Rabbit (lol..). Carrot is very interesting food that contain much of vitamin A. So if we want to get natural vitamin, eating carrot will give us it.

Nutrition supplement is needed when part of our body can't working correctly, but the most important is how we keep our habit. For eye, how our habit when reading, watching TV, front of laptop or PC, how many time for sleep etc. Our habit is very important thing to keep parts of boy can better work performance.

This article has writing for learn writing in english language purpose, don't worry if you confused when read it :-) and i'm so sorry.



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