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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Traffic Jam

Are you know what is a traffic jam? :-) of course i believe we are know what is a traffic jam. Some thing that make me bored, i don't know what will do, just sitting in the car and wait until everything ok. Maybe it's a bored time, but one thing that can do is waiting until it over.

Listen a music or watching TV in the car maybe is one solution. Or give a smile for this situation is a good solution.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Learn English Software

There are several english software in the internet. We can easy find theme using search engine like google or yahoo. This is a great tool, easy for use for find anything. We can easy to find many type of software.

Freeware is a software that we can use it without pay anything. It's totally free for use. Shareware is like freeware but it has a limitation. This is for evaluation purpose. Software is not a free to use. We must buy it before we can use it.

There are many benefit with using tools for learn english. We can learn it more easy. But don't worry when we don't have it, because without it, we can learn every time every where, like in my previous post.

Come to me, join with me to increase our english language, but first of all, don't worry to make a mistake. Like this post, i has make much of mistake, but i still confident to write article for this blog. As much as we made it will make us more powerful and make a better english.

This post is for educational purpose only for increase my english skill, so maybe you confused with my grammar :-) i'm sorry...

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very interesting for eye. Maybe it's very interesting too for several purpose, but that i know it is to my eye. My eye is feel tired and when i see some thing i feel it's no clear. So i decided to buy some tablets of it. To nigh i eat it, and i feel so good. Hope it can make me see clearly.

Actually there are several natural vitamin A source, like Carrot, it sound like Rabbit (lol..). Carrot is very interesting food that contain much of vitamin A. So if we want to get natural vitamin, eating carrot will give us it.

Nutrition supplement is needed when part of our body can't working correctly, but the most important is how we keep our habit. For eye, how our habit when reading, watching TV, front of laptop or PC, how many time for sleep etc. Our habit is very important thing to keep parts of boy can better work performance.

This article has writing for learn writing in english language purpose, don't worry if you confused when read it :-) and i'm so sorry.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rare Diamond

There are a lot of type of jewelery material like diamond, gold, pearl, silver etc. These material is very nice thing to make a cool and beautiful rings, pendant, earring and others. Almost of that is very expensive, but if we look at theme, it's normally that they are very high price, because it's very nice. If some one use it, it make theme more exclusive.

There are several rare diamond in the world. If we have it, it's very nice thing because of course it has a high price and not everybody have it. The pink diamond is the valuable diamond because it world's most rare.

How to find theme? Go to jeweleries store and definited them that the stone is genuine diamond and ask the seller, is it a rare diamond? or we can browse in the internet to get information of it. Be careful to select it to buy, because it's expensive, get literature and information as much as possible.


Friday, April 3, 2009

YM With Friend

YM (Yahoo Messenger) is a useful tool to connect with friend using internet. With it we can make a conversation with family, parent, daughter and every one using text message facilities (chating). If we have a cam or microphone, we can make a call and hear voice and video too. So we can see our family, son although they are in the different place.

Beside YM, we can use skipe to make it too, like YM we can connect it with camera or microphone to make a call. We can make a call with cable phone too, but we must buy some credit to make it.