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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Learn English Anywhere

We can learn english anywhere and any time, using tools or without it. When we watching TV or listening the MP3 music using your MP4 player or other activities, we can learn english language too. Try to listening carefully and try to understood it. There are several program to increase our language like this (but it is for arabic language, i think it has english language version) or other software. With tools we more easly to learn the new language like english. But as i describe above, don't worry, if we don't have a tools or software, we can learn a foreign language in every time and everywhere, in all our activities.

This article is make for increase my skill, so sorry if you confused with this articles...


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Get Health

After several days have the flu, i back to healthy. I'm very happy, because i can make an activities again. As long as have a flu, my activities has limited. I go to doctor and get medicine and of course i drink that medicines.

One most make me happy is i can write an articles again, and meet my reader. Don't bored to visiting my blog, although this blog make confused, but with the learn spirit, i believe it's very useful. Don't wake up, and try to learn more hard. Learn often as we can, and it will increase our skill.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

I Have The Flu

Yesterday, i have the flu. All of my body feel pain. But don't worry, i has drink a medicine. For this reason, i can not do several activities. Today is better. I take a rest at home.

I hope i will healthy as soon as possible and can get my activities again. Create an english articles to improve my skill (although i believe, you will be confused when read my articles :-)) but i hope you understand me, because this blog is dedicated to make a learn english.

Sorry for my grammar, vocabulary etc. But with your help i believe it make me better.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wheater in Zheleznogorsk

Today i search information of temperature data over a period of one year in Zheleznogorsk Rusia. But i don't know what's keywords to find it. I search in google for several keywords, but i can't find it. I only has forecast temperature for several days (one week). Does any body can give me a sugestion word to find it using search engine? or does anybody have an url website that have a temperature in Zheleznogorsk for a year?

Does anybody can help me?

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Learn English By Practice

Practice is the best way to increase our skill to learn english language. Not important what do you write or what do you say. Don't worry to make a mistake. Because when we worry about the mistake, we will stop the practice and never start again. Don't worry, take a practices.

I'm sorry with my articles in this blog, i understand, you will confused when reading my articles. But i know you will understand with it, because its parts of my practices. My goal is make article every day, with different topic. With this i have two opportunity.

1. I can practice to write in english.
2. I can take an idea from my mind in the english articles.
3. I can make a resume for several articles and write it appropriate with my understood.

Don't quest a quality, but the interesting is quantity. After quantity and usual make an english journal or paragraph, it will increase the quality. I believe it.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Koi Carp

For who interest with pets, and have a pond, take a koi fish in the pond is a good alternative. Like me, although my pond is not big, but it enough for several koi fish. I don't understand what type of the koi. But with refer this article "Maruten Kohaku" i believe that fish in my pond are maruten type.

I believe it because at 11/06 archive of this blog also describe this type. I love koi very much, but i don't have enough time to take care with theme. My wife always take a care, keeping the water quality, feeding the fish, give a nutrition etc. Some time when it's holiday, i give theme food, looking theme swiming in the water.

Looking beautiful koi make me feel good. Give theme food from my hand. Because koi is a tame fish. Are you interest to take your pond with koi fish?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Make Own Blogspot Template

A few days ago, i try to make own blogspot template. As you see in this blog i has make a change of default blogger template. As we know, blogger has provide several template, but for many reason some time we need own template blogspot.

It's very easy to make a template. Before we start to make it, we must know what main tag used by blogger. If we know these tags, we can make own template very easy.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

English Language News Paper

Today i buy an english language news paper. It's more expensive than regular news paper in our language. But it's no problem, because with it i can read news and learn english.

Read news in english language make me happy, like read a history. like read a story. When i can get main mind of an article, i'm very happy. We can learn english every time, every where.

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learn English Using English Song

Are you like a songs? I believe if you like a song, of course you have the best artist. I believe, you will have her/his album, CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 or others formats. When we purchased that song, we will get these song lyrics.

When we hear the songs, we will follow the song by reading the lyrics. This is an alternative rule to learn english. Hear the song voice and try to understand what they sing.

Yups... Learn english is easy, we can learn it every time, every where.

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English Key Phrases

Some times we confused, what is the best english key phrases must be fill when we want to search some thing related with learn english. Bellow some suggestion maybe you can use it :
  1. Free TOEFL practice tests, Listening and Reading and Check TOEFL level.
  2. Vocabulary, Improve Vocabulary 100% Free And Reliable.
  3. English Language Courses, General English,Exam prep,Business Top English School.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easy to Learn English Language

What the easy way to learn english language? Where I start to learn english language? That questions always in my mind. I search in internet to get the answers, search and search again. There are many good strategies to get easy english language. But i always search the best technique.

When i get the best technique (in my mind) i try it, and before i finished the technic, and get the problem, i stop it and go to search in the internet again. search and search again.

But after a few days ago, i has been get the best technique. Practice... Don't care about technique, but only practice. Don't worry if you make a mistake. Listening conversation every days, practicve to make an articles, like it (sorry maybe you confused with this article, because i just only practice and it's possible when i make a mistake). Don't wake up, try every days...

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Life in Summer Conversation

This is a good english conversation to studying english. With voice and translation make an easy way to understand what they are say. They use general world, so it sound like a familiar words.

This conversation talk about climate in Belgium and Lithuania. When it's in summer, it is much more better than wintertime in Belgium because there is more sunshine, and the days are longer so there is more sunlight during the day, but actually we also have a lot of rain during summer in Belgium, so people are really upset about it, and I think many people also feel really bad about that because there is rain again.

We can download this english conversation in mp3 and dowload the translation text. To download english conversation with translation we can go to elllo.org/english/0901/T950-Aiste-Summer.htm

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Download Youtube

Each extent, it is seems owing to if something unused appears on the internet. The botheration is that fads, and declared for trends, come and go. Although it is strenuous for a particular internet movement to stay popular for a interval of lifetime, learned is one that seems to be actuality strong and it doesn’t spectacle lump symbols of fading. That is the use of online videos, namely YouTube.

Online video websites are designated whereas online websites that post videos. Once a video has been loaded onto the website, it can soft be plant and viewed by thousands, if not millions, of internet users. Significance addition to allowing internet users to tableau online videos, multiplied video websites also endow internet users the alternative to establish, upload, and share their own videos.

Now previously mentioned, YouTube is one of the most popular online video websites. Prerogative gospel, it is so popular that when asked about video sites legion individuals automatically respond with YouTube. Whether you retain used the services offered by YouTube or not, you may be fascination what is so terrible about the site. What is it that makes millions of note users vision it, some on a daily basis. The answer isn’t being plain for you may vision. This is because skillful are a amount of incomparable reasons why YouTube has change into so popular.

One of those reasons were mentioned elder, online video websites accord internet users the adeptness to make, load, and share their own videos with the rest of the macrocosm. This is something that is literally extraordinary. Millions of persons hold a admirable idea or judging that they would twin to document or share, but numberless are unable to make ready so vanished the assistance of YouTube. Meeting you obtain created your own video, you can young hold it uploaded, usually ascendancy since light due to a few chronology.

Music is an universal language.There are many genre, we can find the match genre for us.

Pressure addition to being able to found your online videos, you can further opening those that others hold created. What is well-mannered about YouTube is that they accept a wide combo of weird videos, all on unalike topics, issues, and subjects. On YouTube, you can find videos focusing on pets, entertainment, sports, cars, and gag. One of the few restrictions that YouTube has is that videos committal be no longer than ten funny book. This means that you could savor a video ticks fascinating a short hole at internal or at drudge. It is and approved that you are not required to listen to plebeian advisements, now crowded other online video websites need you to operate.

Feasibly, the greatest cause why YouTube is so popular is thanks to it is free. Fine, free. This thing that you can not isolated pocket watch as populous videos being you want, gone having to earnings a thing, but you can further make and share your own. Although YouTube is free to use, they wind up suit that you register with them. This registration is besides free. Despite being unnecessary, the registration will cede you access to other YouTube traits, including the adeptness to rate videos that you hold recently watched.

Spell addition to being free, YouTube is and popular now it is uninvolved to use. You cook not own to be an experienced internet user to go online entertainment. With plain to use categories and search being, you should be able to find and timer online videos that crest your passion, vanished having to spending hours or steady days familiarizing yourself with the website.


How To Learn English

How to learn english is a one question that most people ask, me too. English as a foreign language some time is very difficult to learn. It's not my first language. But i believe, by learn and learn we will can used it.

I know maybe you are very confused with this articles, because i just learn it and our grammar is very bad. But one thing i believe, some time i can more better. Blog is good tool to learn english. With often make an articles, it will increase our skills. Don't worry to make a mistake. But we must make an articles more and more.

Beside make an articles, we often make "blog walking" and off course read other blogs article. It can make increase our skills too. Reading, make an articles, reading, listening vocabulary etc is a better way to learn english.

Good luck, i hope i can make a better articles in future.